Digital Transformation in Shared Service Company

The organizations will implement a shared services platform with the aim of reducing costs, standardizing processes, and providing additional business value for the organization. In the digital era of transformation that is currently taking place, the implementation of Shared Service Centers by organizations is one of the strategic steps to bring the company to be superior. Based on a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2021, it was found that more than 600 shared service companies in the world said that digital technologies were able to improve and optimize shared services.

The report explains that there are 3 key enablers for companies to optimize shared services, namely:

  1. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  2. Single-instance ERP
  3. Global Standardized Process
2021 Key Transformation Enablers of Global Shared Service and Outsourcing Survey Report by Deloitte

Robotic Process Automation is not a stand-alone strategy to achieve the digital transformation in your company

Robotic Process Automation is not just a single strategy to achieve maximum results in maximizing streamlined business operations. Almost half of the total companies surveyed also implement single-instance ERP to support the RPA used. Likewise, the Global Standardized Process supports RPA and Single-instance ERP to implement a simple environment that will reduce costs and increase company revenue.

Robotic Process Automation by Configuratori

In terms of operations, RPA can help companies to work on iterative processes. In terms of data, companies must also apply strict and secure data standards to maintain the accuracy of the data that will be used and that comes out of the automation machine. In terms of workflow, the determination of a simple but continuous workflow will ensure that each job will be carried out properly and measurably so as to minimize the risk of system failure.

Robotic Process Automation must be supported by a simple and organized environment and accurate data

In conclusion, Deloitte said that the organization’s priorities in achieving maximum impact and increasing company value include:

  1. Build good analytics with easy-to-use reports
  2. Focus on customer experience by implementing user-centric design
  3. Lowering costs by implementing RPA and Automation
  4. Develop a strong culture, employee well-being, and flexible work practices
  5. Develop work culture virtually and from anywhere (remote-work)

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